Management Support SERVICES

  • Paint and/or repaint fire lanes;​​
  • Re-stripe parking spaces including spaces reserved for disabled/handicapped residents;
  • Removal of abandoned vehicles;​
  • Customized resident & visitor parking permits;
  • Signage and installation;
  • Daily monitoring of community parking area;
  • RPM manager response to requests and queries around the clock; and
  • Prompt services.

Parking Management and Towing SERVICES

Abandoned, Damaged or Disabled Vehicles
  • Vehicles without license plates or current, valid registration;

  • Flat tires or missing tires;
  • Broken windows, windshields heavily damaged vehicles (accident repairs);
  • Debris or trash filled vehicles; and
  • Health or safety hazard (fluid, hazardous substances) inoperable vehicles.

Fire Lanes
  • Use of fire lanes is vital to emergency vehicles and personnel. Fire lanes within apartment communities are designated by marked curbs, lanes and posted signs. It is unlawful for any vehicle to park or idle in a fire lane. RPM will monitor marked fire lanes for such violations;
  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes will be towed; and
  • Clear, visible signage provided and installed.

Towing Procedures

  • Take a photo of the violation;
  • Call the police dispatcher to report the violation and inform them of the tow;
  • Send photo at the rental office;
  • Vehicles secured at the storage lot with proper privacy fencing and dispatcher; and
  • 24 hour retrieval of vehicles.